Copenhagen (with a side trip to Malmö) – Part 7 of 7

9th July – The last day

Our last day in Copenhagen and the day we came back to Belgium. We started the day with the usual breakfast in the hotel, then repacking everything to check out of our hotel. We left the suitcase at the hotel, since the flight was at 7pm, and went off to the center to do some stuff.

Statue on the grounds of St Petri Kirke

First stop: the kiosk at Fisketorvet to buy a klipcard to go to the center. We took the bus to the center, where we walked about a bit. We passed by Hvidberg stoffer, one of the oldest, if not the oldest, fabric stores in CPH. The carry all sort of fabrics and also have tailoring service for what I saw. Sadly I didn’t get any souvenirs since the cheapest I saw was way out of my range at 160DKK (plust 25% tax) per meter. It’s also a store where you need to know what you want, because browsing will make you dizzy. Afterwards we stopped by Sommerfuglen again to confirm that I had bought a 50gr skein and not find a second one so 50gr will have to do.

The Viking House Bar & Restaurant

We then strolled to Magasin du Nord for a lookey for food, we also passed by the Holm’s Coffee next door but they don’t have any veggie sandwich, so we ended going to Baresso Coffee, to have a panini and a piece of (no bake) cheese cake for lunch.

Equestrian statue

Since we had bought a klip card and wanted to make the most out of it, we decided to take the Boat Bus (yes, CPH has two regular bus lines that are boats!) back to Fisketorvet to kill some time before heading to the airport. We had a peek at Bog og ide, a store that sells paperwares, books, and other school / office stuff, plus some gifts, and by Zizzi, a plus sized clothing store that has “We looove curves” as a motto. We stopped by Joe & the Juice (warning: music playing site) for a juice (instead of a cup of Joe). Finally we had a look at Bahne, a house wares store, where I got a souvenir for the kitchen – a spoon to rest a stirring spoon (makes sense, no?). We then went to pick up our stuff from the hotel, and to begin our trip back home.

Sign at the Nationalmuseet room over exotic drinks (tea, coffee, chocolate)

First a S-train from Dybbølsbro st. to Københavns Hovedbanegård (aka Central station). Then the ø- train to the airport. We were early there so after dropping off our luggage and passing security, we roamed the stores for a while. We ended having a coffee and sharing a chocolate chip cookie at Caffe Ritazza, and looking for a vegetarian sandwich for about 20 minutes. We ended buying them in Starbucks, how sad is that? With our sandwiches ready, we headed for our gate, that was about 10 minutes walk away. Although apparently 10 minutes in CPH airport are more like 2. We did get stopped to fill in a questionnaire about the airport. We got to our gate and waited for our flight. A short flight later (1.5h is short!) we landed in Brussels, picked up our luggage and headed for the train station. And then we took the slow ass train for Ghent. And we decided to try and take a different one in Brussels North, but it didn’t stop in Ghent, so we ended in yet another train. And we got to Ghent on time to take the last bus to take us home!

Home, sweet home.

And so concludes our vacation.

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  1. yarnlot says:

    Thank you for this quite interesting account of your holiday! The 17th century knitting is amazing but the fact that you only bought 50g of yarn at Sommerfuglen astonished me even more :-)

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