Never Too Early

It’s never to early in the holiday season to enjoy a nice sweet. The shops have been selling Roscón de Reyes (Kings’ Cake) for about two weeks already. And the traditional date to eat it is the 6th of January.

So today I baked one. It’s always better than the store bought, and you know what goes into it. Fifteen days too early, I present you: Roscón de Reyes.

Roscon de Reyes

I took two recipes, and made my own. You can find it here.

Hey Big Spender!

I’m not a big spender tho, I usually prefer to spend the time with people rather than spend big amounts of money. However, this time I spent some money on myself, not much, and got this nice big bag so I can take all my stuff to university, in something smaller and lighter than my backpack. With no more talky talky:

New Bag

If you want to see more pics, you can see a detail, and the back. Tah Dah!

On a completely unrelated note, Jan was so nice as to whip up a couple widgets for me, so I could use yet another widget on the sidebar. Seems if you want a widget, all your sidebar has to be made out of them. Anyway, it looks good! So patient he is (-: