Can’t Follow A Recipe To Save My Life

Not joking, really. Even when I bake I have to change a little something at least, or I won’t be happy.

So well, I saw a couple of weeks ago a recipe that sounded interesting: Marmalade Tofu with Kale and Lemon Pearl Couscous, and thought to myself “Hey, this sounds interesting, gotta try it”. But of course, I failed in following the recipe, because I’m like that. My version is “Marinated Tofu with Bai Cai, Garlicy Shiitakes and Couscous”. In truth, they are four different dishes served together, with the Tofu as main, and the other three as sides. It’s a full meal, and delicious.


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Baking Experiment: Success.

So, I wanted to bake Chocolate Stout Cupcakes from VCTOTW for about a month. But these past two weeks I wasn’t feeling very cupcakey. I was more in the mood for cookies. Good cookies that you can dip in your coffee, or your milk, or just eat as is. And really, Chocolate Stout Cookies sounded damn good. Doesn’t it? So I did what (nearly) anyone would do, turn to the internet and mighty Google and search for a recipe.

However, it seems, not many people appreciate the delicacy that a Chocolate Stout Cookie is. So there only one recipe out there that I could find: Double Chocolate Stout Cookies. It is a vegan recipe, it requires sourcing whole wheat pastry flour, and rice flour, and egg replacement. Too Much Work! I know I could just substitute and let go, but really, I just worked from this recipe and created these totally not vegan but absolutely delicious Chocolate Stout Cookies.

Chocolate Stout Cookies

I assume people will want the recipe, so you can find it on the database here where you can also get it in a nice PDF format for printing. Since I know most are too lazy to go there, I’m gonna write it here as well.

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