More Baking Experiments Success

So today I had time to bake, and Zanne, our lovely Knitty Zanne (who is internet-less for the Spring and Summer), had asked quite a few times I made a recipe for cookies using real espresso. And today was the day.

Espresso Cookies

As always, I guess you want to know how to make them yourself, so I’ll direct you to the lovely database for the Espresso Cookies recipe.

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3 Responses to More Baking Experiments Success

  1. Jan says:

    And they’re DAMN GOOD!

  2. YUMMO! I can’t wait to try these. Thanks for the recipe! By looking at the finished cookie – the dough looks like it might make a good biscotti too?

  3. OK – I made the cookies yesterday and my hubby and I love them! My children won’t touch anything with coffee in it and we use that to our advantage daily. :) Thanks again Sade!

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