Hey Big Spender!

I’m not a big spender tho, I usually prefer to spend the time with people rather than spend big amounts of money. However, this time I spent some money on myself, not much, and got this nice big bag so I can take all my stuff to university, in something smaller and lighter than my backpack. With no more talky talky:

New Bag

If you want to see more pics, you can see a detail, and the back. Tah Dah!

On a completely unrelated note, Jan was so nice as to whip up a couple widgets for me, so I could use yet another widget on the sidebar. Seems if you want a widget, all your sidebar has to be made out of them. Anyway, it looks good! So patient he is (-:

I Can Has Prezints?

Yez I Can!

Yesterday I went out for dinner with friends to FrescCo, a free buffet place with LOADS of vegetarian, and even vegan, options. They gave me a little pressie, so I remember them when I’m in cold Belgium snuggling on the couch:

Stuffed Doggie

And I sent each of them home with four cupcakes of the ones I made the previous day (pics to come).

And my mother bought me new running shoes. Purrty walk on clouds running shoes! In case you’re interested, they’re Brooks Beast.

Running Shoes

A Cooking Day.

Pre-Birthday, I spent the afternoon cooking. What did I accomplish? This:

  • A docen lemony vanilla cupcakes (from VCTOTW)
  • 15 (yes, fifteen!) chocolate ginger cupcakes (also from VCTOTW)
  • Made chocolate cointreau ganache for those chocolate ginger cupcakes
  • Baked breadrolls from the freezer – only mjummy bread while we get our bread machine back. Over a month and counting…
  • Baked about two cups of chestnuts. Autumn = Roasted chestnuts for me!
  • Roasted half kilo of pumkin, tomorrow I’ll make… Roasted pumkin soup with it (:

Oh, and I am actually going out for dinner to celebrate. Dessert is on me!

I’m The Black Sheep

And Jan gave me a little black sheep cellphone charm for my birthday. He sent it via mail, and it arrived early, but I love opening my mail! So I have a stand-in present till I go to Belgium in December and get my other pressie. What will it be?!

I leave you, with black sheepie:

Black Sheepie Munching Grass Cellphone Charm

And don’t forget to check out no-contest. There is still time!

Christmas Is Here!

Or at least, for me! I’ve been feeling like browsing Christmas ornaments, and making a nice tree for a couple weeks, and that doesn’t happen every year.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you may remember that last year I had this no-contest where everyone won a Christmas Card. I had so much fun making the cards together with Jan, cards we later sent to our friends and family, and to all of you who sent me their address, that I want to repeat it this year too.

So here it is how it works: you use the Contact Me page to send me a message with your name and your full snail mail address (please, include the country!) (feel free to include the nick by which I know you usually if that is the case).

I’m setting a deadline for this, you have to send the message by the 30th on November. This way I can get more cardstock and envelopes if I don’t have enough, and make the actual cards. Each card will have a personal message handwriten by me, of course.

Fine print? I will not share the information you provide in this no-contest with anyone, by any reason, not even if they pay me a ton of money. The information will be used only for the purpose of sending you a pretty handmade Christmas card, and nothing else.

Hurry up, the cards are waiting!