27th.. Quiet day…

Today we’ve had a quiet day, with lunch with the family (too soonish tho, around 12.30) – french fries with quorn-burgers and provencal-sauce, then went off with my sister-in-law and mum to Arboral (green-stuff-shop) to look for some plants and pots my sister-in-law wanted

Afterwards drove off to put those things at her new place, and we got a show of the house too. It still needs plenty of work tho, before it’s finished.

We spent some time at home, checking mail, burning CD’s, went for a little walk in the garden to feed the neighbour horsies (Willem and his friend)

In the eve we went to pickup The Stephord Wives from the local videostore and watched that together with some sweet popcorn… (Weird people these belgians, they have sweet popcorn as a rule, and no salty one…)

Belgium, here I go!

Next time I’ll be doing Belgium (yay!) is for easter season (Hide your easter eggs! if they’re chocolate, that is). So I’ll be in that little cute country from the 19th of March (around 14.30 – 15) and till the 29th of March (leaving at 14.45 *sob*).