So, first of January and all that. You say “Happy New Year!” (Happy New Year!), you kiss and hug, you smile, and then you make an unreasonable list of new years resolutions like going to the gym five times a week, eating seven servings of fruit & veggies and clean the house from top to bottom every month.

I am not going to make resolutions. Because we all know that most resolutions are not kept anyway. But I do want to put here things I’d like to do this year. In no order of importance, small or big, doesn’t matter. I’m not even going to call them goals, like other bloggers are doing this year. Because having a goal (or a resolution) will most likely set me up for failure. So this is just a list of things I want do do!

Here we go:

  • Getting my bachelor’s! Yes, halleluja. Moving to Belgium and finishing my studies here was the smartest move ever I think. Right now I am one exam period and one semester (with its own exam period) away from this. I still can’t believe it!
  • Sewing more, and drafting some more patterns. I want to try a t-shirt and some trousers.
  • Knit more. I am enjoying knitting my first cardigan, so I might jump in and make a second.
  • Crochet more. I’m still taking toddler (not any more baby, I’d say) steps in crocheting. I prefer knitting, but there are some things that are more suited to being crocheted.
  • Keep reading. Brain candy! Something to let my brain rest after studying in Dutch.
  • Cooking. I want to try new recipes, adapt some Belgian classics so they’re vegetarian.
  • Blog more. I wrote a whopping 5 posts last year :(
  • Getting acquainted with our Nikon D7000. Maybe even read the manual gasp
  • Be happy!

And there is probably more to it. But that covers the basics. Enjoy the year, and don’t be hard on yourself. Who’s going to love you if you don’t?

Life Update

As I said a few posts back, life is so busy, I barely have time for anything else than University, Labs and studying. I’m also working at uni, free hours, so it’s not that stressing, but still takes time. Whoever said university time was fun, should come spend a couple semesters at mine ;)

Now, November is over, and I have to say I blatantly failed on NaNoWriMo. I wrote around 17,000 words, and then I came across two problems: the big lack of time, thanks to see above, and then my muse disappeared to take the vacation I can’t take, and left me with a huge block. I might try again next year, it all depends on how busy I am.

On the knitting front, I can report that the ripped kilt hose is back in track. Already did the heel and I’m on the gusset decreases. I don’t have pics yet, bad light, no time, you know the works. I’ll try to take one some time.

I’m also traveling this week, going to Belgium to spend a few days with Jan. We’ll be resting mostly, since we do need it. I probably won’t be online much, so if you want to catch me, you’re better off e-mailing than trying to catching me on IMs or IRC.

I’m Not Dead…

I’m just dead busy!

Here is the deal: this semester I have six courses and three labs, and that means at least all morning at university (plus mondays evenings) and the rest of the time trying to study all the notes and making exercises and doing lab reports and sleeping. Ok, and eating, I would skip that part, but seems my body isn’t happy with it ;)

Also, starting the 1st of November, I’ll be trying to write around 1,700 words per day, because I’m doing NaNoWriMo. It’s set! I have a plot, I have to develop the characters now, and write a decent outline so I can reach the 50k goal. And I’m also working on that at the moment.

On other news, Jan was over here this past week. He put up with my stress and my classes and my studying, and took me out for dinner at Vegaviana, a very nice vegetarian restaurant. When I wasn’t in class, I just tried to do nothing and enjoy him. So it was a bit quieter.

And on the knitting front, after finishing the Turkish Stitch String Bag, I put knitting off for a couple of weeks. And then I ripped off the too narrow kilt hose, and started it again. This time I learned proper crochet cast on.

More updates as time allows. And probably a few teasers from my NaNovel too.


I’m seriously thinking on joining the National Novel Writing Month, and try to write a 50000 words novel between the 1st and the 30th of November. Right now the theme that appeals me the most includes a young woman, an imaginary museum, and some real paintings that come to life. I still have over a month to take some notes and research some paintings. Or think of a totally different story.

Of course, I have to write this (my first) novel, between going to class at university, and studying and going to labs and cooking and sleeping and having a bit of a life (not much, though). So I really need to plan this novel thouroughly, so I only need to write the actual thing during the month. I’ll try to aim at 1750 words each day, so I’m good on the count.

Also, I’ll be posting teasers on the blog, and maybe “publish” it in electronic form, depending on the response I get.

Will you join NaNoWriMo this year?