Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday to meeee
Happy Birthday to meeee
Happy Birthday
To meeeeee

Just another day, but I’m one year older now. No party, no cake, no pressies (yet – I think Jan has something hidden for when I go there the 5th of December).

I’m still busy, even more, I’d say. Classes, studying, being a student representative, working, doing housekeeping things, and writing. I’ll be back to knitting in a few days, when NaNoWriMo is over, if I manage to write those 50k words, because I am falling behind badly.

Seriously looking forwards to December. This November has been… well, so far, it could have been way better.

Oh, and thanks to any of you that read me, and remembered my birthday without me saying anything. I’d invite you to cake, but there is none!

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  1. Mum2 says:

    what color of candles do you like? :-)

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