What Makes A Bad Day Even Worse

Today, I just need to take this out, so only if you feel like reading a vent, click on the link.

Last night sleep was not my friend, it took me about two hours to fall asleep. This made today, monday, start bad. I managed to get out of the door four minutes ahead of schedule, and get to the metro station earlier than usual. However, I lost the train, and so, I took the same train as always, five minutes later. The train was slow, and I got to the station where I change lines later than usual. On this line, a train had broken down, and the platforms were crowded. No train would pass in the following fifteen minutes, and that means waiting for at least two other trains to be able to get in. I went out of the metro station and picked a cab so I could get to class on time.

Class. What can I say. Three out of the five teachers I had today are way less than stelar. Not even in the acceptable part of the table. The server I’m working with has a fuckedup configuration where no files are where they should be. Lab class was boring and tiring, and the teacher didn’t explain what he should have – lost hour, but I have to attend. And then, I had planned to do the experiment after the lab class, and I couldn’t. This means I have to waste yet another evening for this lab – like I have time to lose.

Bad day, bad bad day.

I feel tired.

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