I’m designing this little something for a present. I finished the prototype, and took notes. And the result is this:

Skull Baby Booties Skull detail

Once I have the final pair knitted up (wrists allowing), I’ll make a nice pdf pattern for anyone who wants to knit these too. Comments? Wishes? Anything?

Filler And Actual Knitting!

Two exams done, four to go. Stress? Nooo not at all.

Anyway, these days I need the hair out of my way, and plain old ponytail does not do the trick. Hair falling over the shoulder? No thanks. So I’ve taken to this:

Crown Like Hairdo Hairdo part two

Yes, comfy, completely done up and hair out of the way. Less touching it while studying too. So it doesn’t get icky in a day.

And actually knitting content. Remember that kilt hose? The one I was knitting for Jan? I had to rip it, yes. And I reknitted it all, from the beginning. And then I made the foot part a bit too long, and had to rip some more… But now, it’s in good track. See:

Kilt hose!


Now, more exams…