Skirt Made (& Christmas Cards)

So, lets start with the second half of the topic. On the previous post I asked you, the readers, what you thought about the Christmas cards that I’ve been making for the last three years. I got close to no response. I guess I’m just writing for myself then. So I’ll be making myself a nice Christmas card, and maybe share it here on the blog, but this year there won’t be any no-contest where you can get your very own hand made Christmas card delivered to your mailbox. It makes me sad that no one cared enough about them.

Now on to happier business. I made myself a skirt. Yes, she who doesn’t wear skirts, made herself a skirt, and wore it, for the whole weekend. And actually enjoyed wearing it! I got some compliments on it, saying it made me look slimmer (Thanks, Erna!), and that it didn’t look hand made at all (I guess that is a compliment to my sewing skills!). I guess you want to have a look at said skirt, aye? Pictures:

Skirt, front view Skirt, back

The skirt is made out of tartan fabric in the MacKenzie Modern design. It’s the best I could do to match the MacKenzie Seaforth the boy’s kilt is without breaking the bank. I could have gotten 100% wool MacKenzie Seaforth for around 70€/m. Or I could get MacKenzie Modern, a 45% wool, 55% polyester, for 21€/m from The Scotland Shop. It was a no-brainer, really. The mix also makes it easier to care for (throw in the washing machine in delicate cycle vs. dry-cleaners).

I’m very happy with the purchase from The Scotland Shop. The shipping rate is flat no matter how many meters of fabric you buy. I paid around 4.5€ to get 3 meters of fabric shipped, from Scotland, to Belgium. I can’t complain about that. They take PayPal, besides credit cards, debit cards & money orders. The shipping was fast – it took only two days to get here after it got shipped. The processing time wasn’t as quick, but it was within their estimates. And the fabric is what I expected. Lovely.

On to the skirt? Aye. The skirt is based upon a black skirt I own that suits me well. It was a good purchase on sale, for only 5€. And it now has served to draft the pattern for following flattering skirts. I chose to make it high waisted in this case, but I may make another one with a normal waist. It’s six gores, and the back gore has a box pleat to add some fullness and make it even more swingy. Closes with a zipper, and it’s fully lined.


  • 1.6m of 1.5m wide fabric.
  • 1.4m of lining fabric
  • 1 22cm long zipper, nylon teeth.
  • 1 200m bobbin of thread
  • 1 hook & eye closure
  • 4 days of drafting, cutting & sewing

And the reason to make the skirt? I wanted to help out at the Celtic Weekend, and I wanted to fit in as “one of the crew”. So wearing a tartan skirt actually made me feel like one of them, and be seen as part of the group. Helping out also meant free food and drinks, which was nice since we spent 8 & 6 hours there on Saturday & Sunday. And it also meant that I didn’t sit getting bored around! It was fun.