Bread, sourdough started.

Yum loaf of bread

Brownies, olive oil, 100% free of nut traces.


There are three pans of brownies waiting for a friend to pick at least one up. Rest will be eaten or frozen.

The Joys

What I won’t miss from Madrid? Let’s see…

  • The weird seasons.
    We have a sort of autumn that’s very displaced towards the end of the actual season, and you can still see trees with green leaves on (that shouldn’t be) very late in.
    A short and dry winter, not much cold, not much rain, and way too short. We might get one snow or two, with luck, but not often.
    The lengthy srping. Gets warm too soon (for my taste, at least). The trees go nuts pollinating, and adding the pollution, allergy attacks are horrible.
    And we don’t have summer, we have something akin to hell. Dry, hot, and very long. Imagine 42-44ºC in the shadows during the day, and not going below 26-28ºC at night. Impossible to do anything during the day, or to sleep at night.
  • The noise.
    There is noise. Every day, every hour of the day. It might be louder or lower, but there is constant noise. Last month’s measures gave an average of 63dB if I remember correctly. Which means we’re pretty close to what the WHO considers to be way too much.
  • Flying
    Ok, this is not technically related to only Madrid. But this past year I’ve been flying quite often. Weekends are not too bad, but as soon as there is a holiday, all the tourists get out, and go about like sheep to the slaughterhouse. And really, when I fly I just want to get there as fast as possible, and not waste time at the airport

I felt like ranting. And letting you know I’m not dead. Just busy. And tired. And annoyed. And looking forward to just move. Even tho this mean a whole other rant ;)