A Cooking Day.

Pre-Birthday, I spent the afternoon cooking. What did I accomplish? This:

  • A docen lemony vanilla cupcakes (from VCTOTW)
  • 15 (yes, fifteen!) chocolate ginger cupcakes (also from VCTOTW)
  • Made chocolate cointreau ganache for those chocolate ginger cupcakes
  • Baked breadrolls from the freezer – only mjummy bread while we get our bread machine back. Over a month and counting…
  • Baked about two cups of chestnuts. Autumn = Roasted chestnuts for me!
  • Roasted half kilo of pumkin, tomorrow I’ll make… Roasted pumkin soup with it (:

Oh, and I am actually going out for dinner to celebrate. Dessert is on me!

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  1. Jan says:

    I want roasted chestnuts! *pout*!

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