Copenhagen (with a side trip to Malmö) – Part 1 of 7

3rd of July – The beginnings

We woke up bright and early, way too early for vacation, to begin our trip to Copenhagen (CPH from now on). After breakfast I had a few “I think we are forgetting to pack something”. Then we said goodbye home and headed for the first leg of our lengthy trip. Two buses and a train later we arrived at Brussels Airport to drop off our luggage and take our flight to CPH. We landed an hour and 15 minutes later, about 20 minutes ahead of schedule. But it’s ok, the baggage drop-off made up for that time making us wait 20 minutes for our suitcase.

We walked out of the luggage claim area into what looked a very disorganized check in area, to find our way to the train station. A nice Danish girl sold us tickets for the train and gave us instructions on how to get to Dybbølsbro st., the closest S-train stop to our hotel, the Copenhagen Island. We walked the 100m to the hotel and checked in. Luckily they didn’t complain we were too early!

View from our room

We took possession of our room and unpacked our things and then we headed to the bar to enjoy our Velkomstdrink (sic) and look on our guide & map what we wanted to do that afternoon. We decided to head to the center to walk around and do some people watching sitting in a terrace having a drink. Around 6pm we were both tired and head back to our hotel to drop off some weight and rest a while. Our first meal in CPH was a tomato soup with sour cream and a pasta with season vegetables (served with a side mixed salad! First time ever I have a pasta dish served with a salad) at The First Lady, a pub located in the shopping center next door, Fisketorvet.

Klip Card

After eating we asked our nice waitress where we could buy a bus card (klip card) and headed to the kiosk to buy one so we could go to Nyhavn to have a drink. After a while we took the “hotel bus route” to go back to our hotel for the night. A nice shower and we crashed in our soft bed and manage to sleep despite the brightness that came in through the blinds. Like all Scandinavian countries, they don’t really care about proper light blocking blinds.

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