Copenhagen (with a side trip to Malmö) – Part 6 of 7

8th July – The plans that weren’t

Initially, as in, before we landed in CPH, we had decided to put Sunday (the 8th) aside to visit Malmö, and Saturday (7th July) to visit Elsinor. But since we had already visted Malmö, we decided to move the visit to Elsinor to Sunday. So the second plan was to go to the center to buy a CPH card for a day (free transport to Elsinor & all the visits included is worth it), and then take the train there. However Jan woke up with a very painful leg that made walking a lot nearly impossible. So I convinced him to take the tablet and park himself at the Nationalmuseet cafe with a cup of coffee (or two) and their free WiFi while I visited the rest of the museum. This time I took the camera along so I could take pictures (for free!).


My first stop was on the first floor (second for the Americans) that contains the exhibition on the Danish Middle Ages and Renaissance (1050 – 1660 AD), and the Prince’s Palace with interiors from the 18th century and the History of the Museum. I then climbed to the third floor to see the Near Eastern and Classical Antiquities exhibition, and on my way down I stopped at the second floor for the Stories of Denmark exhibition (1660 – 2000 AD) and the Doll Houses rooms.

17th century knitting in the nationalmuseet

After the lengthy visit, we went to Foodish (no website found) for lunch. They sell sandwiches and salads, and our sandwiches were delicious! We then stopped by Illum to explore the make up section (sometimes I do like to indulge in a new nail polish, but I didn’t find anything I liked this time). Afterwards we went to Holm’s Cafe for a juice and to plan the next move. We decided to visit some churches and then take the boat bus back to our hotel, but it didn’t really work.

peek show in nationalmuseet

We walked by, but did not climb, the Rundetaarn (Round tower),  on our way to St. Petri Kirke, which was closed. We then walked to Helligåndskirken, which seems to host a book sale but not be open to visitors. On our way to Nikolaj, we realized that we had already walked by the day before and noticed that it’s now a cafe (and a Contemporary Art Center). We followed our planned route to Holmens Kirke, that was closed as well. Luckily we saw that Slotskirken (The Palace Chapel) was open and we could visit.


After sitting for a few minutes in Slotskirken (and taking pictures, obviously), we walked towards the Royal Library, also known as the Black Diamond due to its polished black granite cladding. The library was obviously closed since it was Sunday. We wanted to take the boat-bus that stops next to the library but we were out of trips on our clipcard, and also 4DKK short in cash for the trip :( So we ended walking back to the hotel along the canal side, with frequent stops since my feet were killing me.

Holmens Kirke

When we arrived at our hotel, we unloaded weight and went to the Bar to enjoy a Pineapple  Sunset (alcohol free) cocktail while relaxing on the terrace that overlooks the Copencabana canal swimming pool. A while later we went to the 5th floor to visit the sauna and the steam bath to relax. After a nice shower, we went back to Fisketorvet to have dinner. After exploring the possibilities, we decided on a Mexican restaurant called Indiana that had a reasonable amount of veggie options. And soon it was sleep time. The following day was the last day in CPH.

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