It’s That Time Of The Year

If you’re a reader from years back, you know in 2007 and 2006 I had a Christmas no-contest. No-Contest? Yes, because everybody wins. We like to make our Christmas cards, for Jan and me to send to friends, and since we’re at it, we make a few more, and send them around the world!

So, what do you have to get an original, hand made, Christmas card in your mailbox? You just have to send me an email through the Contact me (and only through the contact me, ok? doesn’t matter if you have my email, use the form, pleaaaaaaaase). In that email, you have to give me your:

  • Name (and Nickname if I know you better by one)
  • Snail mail address (yes, this is old-fashioned paper & envelope). Please include the country too.

Of course, there is a deadline to send me the info. I need to plan the design(s), and know if I have enough cardstock and envelopes or need to buy more, and then make all the cards, and write a little something to each of you. So, you have until the 2nd of December.

Small print? I will only use your address to send this one Christmas card, and I won’t share it with anyone or sell it to anyone.

Edit: He wants a card too!

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3 Responses to It’s That Time Of The Year

  1. CJ says:

    You are just too cute! I miss being home to chat with you during the daytime. At least I get home from school early enough to say hi to you most of the time, haha. I’m pumped for the holiday season!

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