Blogstalkers 3.0 Weeks 4 & 5 – The morning edition.

So, for the previous / next weeks (I think it is those two), the topics for Blogstalkers 3.0 are “What is your favourite breakfast?” and “What makes you back into a human in the morning?” that are closely related, in my opinion, so it’s great to write about both at the same time.

First, what makes me back into human in the morning. Because it’s the third thing I do in the morning (after popping in my eyes, and using the toilet :p). Shower. I need my morning showers, it’s to me like coffee to other people. Considering I have caffeine induced sleep, it makes sense. I like to take a quick shower in the morning to get awake. And so that I don’t growl instead of talking if anyone comes near (luckily, in the mornings I’m usually alone, so no biting needed).

Then, after getting dressed, comes breakfast. My daily breakfast is: one multivitamin, one glass of orange juice, two or three toasts (homemade multicereal bread!) with Nutella. My favourite breakfast tho? Breakfast buffet with lots of fresh fruit, different kinds of bread, butter, jam, cheese, some freshly baked pastries, and depending on the mood, hot chocolate, coffee or tea ;) Yep, I’m a spoiled brat like that!

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    The Yarn is Yarn Place gentle and its scrumptious.

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