I was M.I.A. …

Yes, I’ve been kind of MIA (Missing In Action) these last days, since I’ve been working over the exams and writing them and trying not to kill the lovely neighbours that decide that they need to have a nap with ugly music played way too loud. So well, what do you do when it’s totally impossible to study and/or you need a break? Knit! I’ve knitted on this pinwheel compulsively, and we have a finished object in less than a fortnight! That’s already a record for me, for such a big knit. So after the babbling, here I present you to the pinwheel blanket!

The Pinwheel Blanket
neatly folded
  • Pattern: Pinwheel Blanket from Knit List.
  • Yarn: Phildar Sport Laine, 51% wool, 49% acrylic. 3 skeins in Aviateur and 2 skeins in Fjord.
  • Gauge: about 15 stitches to 10 cm.
  • Neddles: 5mm aluminium Pony DPN’s (set of five) & 5mm Addi Bamboo Circular, 100 cm. long.
  • Finished Measures:Approx. 80 cm. in diameter. (haven’t got an accurate measure).

I decided to alternate colours to make it a little different. I knitted until about it was too hard to get more stitches on the circular needle, and then casted off in picot edge (bind off 2 stitches, *cast on 2 stitches, bind off 4 stitches*, repeat from * to * until the end).

[Edit:] Someone asked me on the Knitty Board how I managed to start this. So here comes my explanation. I casted on five stitches, and divided them on two DPN’s (two stitches on one, three on the other), joined and knitted the first round. Increased five stitches (for a total of ten) and knitted around and put the ten stitches on three DPN’s and worked with a fourth. I then worked in the row pattern stablished adding a fourth DPN when needed and then switching to the circular when I couldn’t work with the DPN’s any more. [End of Edit]

And now more pics:

laid flat the back

PS: I still need to block the heck out of it to make it lay flat, because like we all know, stockinette curls like mad!


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3 Responses to I was M.I.A. …

  1. urraca says:

    Puf, espero que el borde “diente de gato” sea suficientemente rígido para impedir que se enrolle, porque por mucho que lo “hormes” / “bloquees”, el punto liso tira pa’l monte y se vuelve a enrollar al minuto.

    Te quedó muy bien, a ver si cunde tu ejemplo y termino de una vez la mía, que la tengo abandonada desde julio.

  2. Oh it turned out gorgeous!

  3. Nairta says:

    Muy muy muy bonita! Me entusiasma la combinación de colores :)

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