D is for Dreams

Dream \Dream\ (dr[=e]m), n. [Akin to OS. dr[=o]m, D. droom, G. traum, Icel. draumr, Dan. & Sw. dr[“o]m; cf. G. tr[“u]gen to deceive, Skr. druh to harm, hurt, try to hurt. AS. dre[‘a]m joy, gladness, and OS. dr[=o]m joy are, perh., different words; cf. Gr. qry^los noise.]

  1. a series of mental images and emotions occurring during sleep
  2. a cherished desire
  3. imaginative thoughts indulged in while awake
  4. a state of mind characterized by abstraction and release from reality
D is for Dreams

As a kid I loved to make paper planes from old sheets of paper and day dream about becoming a plane designer. That’s what put me in the way to my actual studies, that drive me crazy some times and make me daydream even more. But I’m glad my childhood dream was encouraged instead of despised as a fantasy by my family. I had so many dreams as a child I don’t remember all of them, I only know some became real, some are in the process, and some where nothing but building castles on the clouds fantasies. And now that I’m slightly more grown up, I try to keep dreams alive, and put some more into my “treasure chest” of fantasies. The point? Dreams keep you going! Don’t stop day dreaming.

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2 Responses to D is for Dreams

  1. Jan says:

    The moment that you stop dreaming, is the moment when you spiritually die. Dreams keep you alive, dreams keep you hoping, fulfilling dreams is a goal an sich!

  2. Mum2 says:

    Dreamers live longer

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