As Per Request…

I thus present to you the WIP called the pinwheel blanket (pattern here). I’m using two colours of the same yarn, and changing from one to the other when the skein is finished, this way the stripes will be all different.

Pic of it with just two stripes:


Pics of it after the third ball was joined:


The request is fulfilled, I shall rest and knit now!

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5 Responses to As Per Request…

  1. Jan says:

    Picsies! Wheeeeeeeeeee! :P

    Are you sure it isn’t a rasta-hat? *g*

  2. Sade says:

    Yes, I’m pretty sure it’s not a rasta-hat. It’d take too much pot to grow enough rastas to fill it :p

  3. Nairta says:

    Uooh! Wonderful colours!

  4. Mum2 says:

    thank you :-)

  5. Lía says:

    Oh! I like it a lot…and I see you have so many books as I do :P

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