A quicky

I didn’t do more sewing this weekend, due to lack of time and space. So the bag is still at the same (unfinished) point. *sniff* I wanted to give it a push this weekend, but seems it’ll have to wait two weeks now.

The Windy City Scarf is going well! I’m already 33.5% done! The buttonhole is already passed, and looks cute. The Irish Pure New Wool knits up wonderfully, and it’s very soft and nice. I went up from 5.5mm to 6mm needles and I got the *exact* gauge the scarf calls for. Also think the yarn called for gives 120m per 100gr, and this one is 190m per 100gr, it’s much thinner. And still the fabric doesn’t look too loose or too thick. I am also thinking of making a second buttonhole at the other end, instead of just one…. Suggestions? Votes for the second buttonhole?

On other news… I can’t wait for wednesday to arrive!!!! Cause I’ll pick up Jan at the airport and he’ll be here until sunday! WEEEEE I should look up some restaurant to go to… mmm


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  1. Lia says:

    Un segundo ojal quedaría bien si haces la bufanda más larga…aunque para gustos hay colores :p
    Happy knitting!

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