An Update a Week Makes It Be!

This past week has been good. Jan came here and we had a nice time. We did usual stuff, and we visited a new restaurant: Taj where we ate mjummy Indian food (oh, the memories… England… THE Indian restaurant…) and we ate Chicken Vindaloo – veeeeeery hot! amongst other delicious Indian recipes (Please, do order Garlic Nan – you’ll love it). We did some (window) shopping, walked around, had fun in all.

On the knitting news: I’ve got pics of that already (nearly) finished Checkerboard Scarf for a yankie friend of mine:

Checkerboard Scarf Checkerboard Scarf - Closeup

I also took a pic of the Windy City Scarf in progress (already switched colours):

Windy City Scarf

And then, I have to show: the socks my mum knit for me! They’re made in Opal Carnival (for those of you that are a clown like me):


More news are I don’t have 550 grams of that knitting roving silk, but 1036 grams, cause my lovely boyfriend bought me a second batch on ebay. So I will have more than enough for the Clapotis and what not! I want to get some book on dyeing yarn, perhaps, so I don’t screw this silk… Any recommendations (on dyeing, and on books for dyeing)? And I got my new shiny new Addi Bamboo circulars, 100 cm long, for knitting that baby blanket. \o/ *cheer* I will start it soon now!


PS: Jan is coming over again SOON! WOOHOOOOOOO

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2 Responses to An Update a Week Makes It Be!

  1. Jan says:

    w00t? who? where? when? why? I think you’re confusing people. :P

  2. Lia says:

    Están quedando genial las bufandas! Las Addi bambú me encantan…seguro que ha merecido la pena la espera.

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