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Yesterday was a holiday here, so I used the free time to cut all the pieces for my tote bag ( and needle case, and make-up bag) from the fabrics I had already bought (and washed… and being careful because they gave off dye..). That made a bunch of parts from two pieces of 120x150cm of different cotton fabric (red for the outside, stripes for the lining). And I started sewing the lining with its pockets – all done! This weekend I’ll try to sew the outside and maybe the straps and nearly finish it (I still haven’t found two cute buttons for it).

And today I did some more shopping, since I had to return the needles and won’t start the baby blanket until 2 weeks, I needed something else to knit. I’ve decided for the Windy City Scarf by Jennifer Mindel, that you can find in the Stitch ‘n Bitch Handbook that you can see on the right on the picture below:

Windy City Scarf on the right

I visited Lanas Sixto (Atocha, 9 – Madrid) and bought some Superwash Irish Pure New Wool, from Ornaghi Filati (yes, an italian yarn manufacturer, and irish wool…) in two shades of red (red rules, I love red) (picture below). It’s not the same thickness, but it’ll make a nice scarf nonetheless! I also bought some row counters (a set of two, actually, and cheap-ish, only 2.40e for the set). I will start knitting either tonight or tomorrow!

Irish New pure wool

I finished the checkerboard scarf a couple of days ago, only need to work the ends in and block it, which will happen next week probably. Then I’ll take a picture, and it’ll be nicely wrapped and packed and shipped across the ocean to reach a friend of mine. So that’s the first (nearly) F(inished) O(bject) on this blog, since the poncho still needs blocking and sewing, and putting the fringes… Need… More… Knitting.. Till… My… Circs… Arrive… (thus the windy city scarf *grin*)


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  1. Jan says:

    Someone’s getting addicted to knittiiiiiiiiiiiing…….


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