Two More Custom Stamps

Today I finished my first custom order for my still unopened shop. CBear will now have a total of four sheepy themed stamps for her shop.

This afternoon I made the two small ones for the set. She can use them for pricetags, or maybe for stamping on small clothing items, who knows. Sneak peek:

Sheep stamps, side and front looking sheep

See the stamping these two make in the gallery!

I have a couple of stamp designs in mind to put them up for sale. Stay tuned.

On other news, I started a small Ikea-hack, but it’s not done yet, so I can’t share pics. Still have to varnish and assemble, that’s where I am! But you’ll get to see pics soon.

CBear’s Grand Opening

Friend CBear is opening her shop, Fuzzy Sheep Crafts. She’s selling hand made Burples, Bibs, Burp Clothes, Toys, etc, everything for the little ones in your life (-; Go and buy out her shop!

I’m telling you this, because she’s a dear friend, and because she deserves some good publicity out here in the internet, and also, she’s the first custom order of hand carved stamps made by me. Sneak peek:

Fuzzy Sheep Crafts - Sheep with Logo Fuzzy Sheep Crafts - Sheep with kids

So now, off you go to peek at her shop!

PS: If you want your own custom made hand carved stamp, contact me, we can arrange things. Still working on opening that shop of ours!

Can’t Follow A Recipe To Save My Life

Not joking, really. Even when I bake I have to change a little something at least, or I won’t be happy.

So well, I saw a couple of weeks ago a recipe that sounded interesting: Marmalade Tofu with Kale and Lemon Pearl Couscous, and thought to myself “Hey, this sounds interesting, gotta try it”. But of course, I failed in following the recipe, because I’m like that. My version is “Marinated Tofu with Bai Cai, Garlicy Shiitakes and Couscous”. In truth, they are four different dishes served together, with the Tofu as main, and the other three as sides. It’s a full meal, and delicious.


Recipes after the cut! Continue reading

Baking Experiment: Success.

So, I wanted to bake Chocolate Stout Cupcakes from VCTOTW for about a month. But these past two weeks I wasn’t feeling very cupcakey. I was more in the mood for cookies. Good cookies that you can dip in your coffee, or your milk, or just eat as is. And really, Chocolate Stout Cookies sounded damn good. Doesn’t it? So I did what (nearly) anyone would do, turn to the internet and mighty Google and search for a recipe.

However, it seems, not many people appreciate the delicacy that a Chocolate Stout Cookie is. So there only one recipe out there that I could find: Double Chocolate Stout Cookies. It is a vegan recipe, it requires sourcing whole wheat pastry flour, and rice flour, and egg replacement. Too Much Work! I know I could just substitute and let go, but really, I just worked from this recipe and created these totally not vegan but absolutely delicious Chocolate Stout Cookies.

Chocolate Stout Cookies

I assume people will want the recipe, so you can find it on the database here where you can also get it in a nice PDF format for printing. Since I know most are too lazy to go there, I’m gonna write it here as well.

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Or that should it be, but it’s snowing outside, thick nice snowflakes. It won’t stick, cause it’s been raining all day. The garden is a swamp at the moment. No pics of the swamp, nor of the snow, sorry!

To cheer me up, I entered this contest that Cinnamongirl put out to celebrate spring. If you go there, make sure to tell her Diana sent you!


My pirate name is:

Red Jenny Kidd

Passion is a big part of your life, which makes sense for a pirate. Even though you’re not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!

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We will be resuming the normal not really regular programation soon. Probably with the new (Not So Big) Great Vegetable Gardening Experiment of 2008. Stay tuned.

An Afternoon With Fimo

When we changed our bookcases, we noticed at the bottom near the floor, the back to back bookcases left a perfect mouse hole. So I started joking about putting a mouse there with a piece of cheese.

Then I looked online, and decided Fimo Soft was the way to go. It’s also handy they have creative tips, and one of them is how to make a dangly cat and a dangly mouse. So we went to De Banier in Aalst, and bought all the Fimo that was needed.

The fimo lingered on the bookshelf for a couple of weeks, cause I never had time to sit down and play with modeling clay. But then yesterday, after my written dutch exam, I decided it was time to have some fun. So I printed the “instructions” (they’re not detailed instructions, if you want to see something a bit better, check out the sheep, I think that will be next in queue), and put an oilcloth on the table, and started playing with Fimo. After some tweaking here and there, and adjusting the amount of clay for the head and ears, I actually had enough to make arms and legs out of Fimo, which suited me. And the result was baked this morning (before going to the oral dutch exam):

Fimo Mouse

Since I had some grey clay left, I also made a tiny mouse, and a dish:

Mouse in Fimo Mouse in Fimo

And we all know, mice love cheese, so I made some cheese as well. And since I was already playing with Fimo, I remembered my mother in law had seen some mushrooms for her dollhouse at DaWanda, but I found them too expensive, and told her I’d make some for her. So I also made a prototype of those mushrooms:

Cheese Cheese

And thus, we conclude that playing with modeling clay is not only for kids. Because I had a blast doing this.