CBear’s Grand Opening

Friend CBear is opening her shop, Fuzzy Sheep Crafts. She’s selling hand made Burples, Bibs, Burp Clothes, Toys, etc, everything for the little ones in your life (-; Go and buy out her shop!

I’m telling you this, because she’s a dear friend, and because she deserves some good publicity out here in the internet, and also, she’s the first custom order of hand carved stamps made by me. Sneak peek:

Fuzzy Sheep Crafts - Sheep with Logo Fuzzy Sheep Crafts - Sheep with kids

So now, off you go to peek at her shop!

PS: If you want your own custom made hand carved stamp, contact me, we can arrange things. Still working on opening that shop of ours!

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One Response to CBear’s Grand Opening

  1. Lía says:

    mmm…esta semana andaba yo divagando dónde se podrían comprar sellos para estampar, que casualidad ;)
    Todavía no tengo muy claro qué es lo que quiero…hablaremos en un futuro próximo.

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