I start classes on monday, but I won’t be able to enroll til mid-october (again) because I get the mark for the exam I took yesterday until the 8th (revision on the 13th). I’m still indecesive about what courses to take. Well, I know two of them, but still have to decide about the third. I’ll go to the first class of the two courses I’m thinking about and decide from there.

But, that’s not what I really wanted to tell. I got my papers to enroll yesterday. So I can look at schedules on paper and other information. There is this one about sports at university. And this year there is good news! I can take Integral Yoga on Tuesdays from 13.30 to 14, Iyengar Yoga on Wednesday from 13 to 14.30, and / or Pilates on Thursdays from 15 to 16.30.

I think I’ll take Pilates, and one of the Yoga classes (each full course is 60€), but I can’t decide on which Yoga class to take. I’m wondering if the Intergral Yoga they teach will be too… philosophical-religious? I’m writing the school to ask about the teachers and more info, but any comments or suggestions are welcome.

PS: This will make me get in gear and sew a bag for my yoga mat and some clothing!

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