Project Finished!

It’s been a while in the works, because I postponed sanding and revarnishing for a long while. But it’s done.

Decorated Ikea Fira Decorated Ikea Fira

This is an Ikea Fira. I bought my first one some years ago, and back then, they came assembled. Now they come in flat packaging, and I sometimes wish they still had those nifty plastic nail holders, makes nailing in the right spot a lot easier. Other than that, the chest needed a sanding before the stenciling and two layers of varnish (with sanding in between layers). And it’s a lot smoother and a lot better now. It’s in the bedroom hiding odds and ends, jewelry, hairbands, makeup and other stuff.

I want a second one for my crafting items, but I’m thinking about a different technique.. Or maybe I’ll use some black and red lacquer to give it an asiatic look, with a nice golden design…. ah, the ideas keep flowing!

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2 Responses to Project Finished!

  1. purlpower says:

    It’s gorgeous! I would never have thought of customising IKEA stuff in this way, very inspiring. Maybe you should send some pics to the folks at IKEA, they might feature you in a catalogue!

    Also, thanks for your comment on my blog, my Spanish needs much correction! back to the dictionary I guess….does that mean that Hacer Punto could be used for other kinds of stitching not just knitting?

  2. shannon says:

    This is gorgeous! would you think about selling these?

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