Been Busy

Yeah, I told you on the previous post. Trip to London, bathroom renovation, trip to Düsseldorf. So now I’m back and it’s time to play catch up. I’ll write an entry about the trip to London soon, meanwhile you can amuse yourself with pictures. The trip to Düsseldorf was to visit our friend Laura, her husband Christian and their daughter Lumi before they move to Finland. We had fun, and we relaxed some and didn’t take pictures because we really didn’t do much tourist stuff. If you want pics, you can check last year’s tho.

And if you want to know some about the bathroom, we also created a gallery to share our progress. First day we removed all the things from the bathroom, removed the paper and fixed the wall. Then tuesday we kept on fixing the wall because the plaster was completely fucked here and there, also masked all the stuff, and painted on some primer for the tiling and started painting the walls. Wednesday saw us tiling the shower plus the sink backsplash, and painting the rest of the colors. And thursday was spent retouching the paint and grouting all the tiling area. However we were short a handfull of grout and that will be finished today. On friday before leaving to Düsseldorf, we cleaned everything like crazies, and put some accesories and our closets back in.

And because a post without pictures seems boring to most people:

bathroom bathroom
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