A Surprise

Last thursday, the 31st of July, I got a parcel in the mail in Spain, my mother told me. I asked from whom, since I wasn’t expecting anything at all, and it was from my friend Michael who is on a year break in Japan.

Parcel from Japan

Want to see what was inside?

Nicely wrapped, with a ribbon!

Parcel from Japan, wrapped

Then we find the box:

Parcel from Japan, box

And when you open the box…

Parcel from Japan, knife

A knife! It’s a Usuba, a Japanese style (they also make Western style) vegetable knife. Michael always remembers I’m a vegetarian, and he got me my own Japanese knife!

Parcel from Japan, knife, engraved

It’s engraved with my name (I blacked out my surname, obviously). The Kanji I think it’s the name of the craftsman that forged my knife. Have a closer look:

Parcel from Japan, close up of my name engraved on the blade

The story behind this knife? Well, a couple of months ago I asked Michael to check some Kanji for me, to make sure it meant what I thought it meant. It will become one day a small set of rubber stamps. He also asked if I wanted anything else, and I told him, jokingly, that a knife engraved with my name would be welcome. He was interested by this thing I had seen in a travel documentary about Japan, and asked me about it. So I did some research, and found the shop that does this, and gave him a name and an address. He passed by, and bought his parents a knife as a present. And then he thought of me, how I had given him the idea, and bought me one!

I’ve already thanked him personally, and his invited over to a veggie dinner cooked using my new knife. But I also want to thank him here, “in the open”.

Thanks, Michael, for such a thoughtfull present.
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2 Responses to A Surprise

  1. I’m so jealous! I want one! What a great friend you have there.

    BTW – TAG! You’re IT! Go to http://www.smellychicksonline.com/ for the rules.

  2. nassarai says:

    Gratzzz!!! Jejeje It’s very cute! I hope you use it lots to cook something sweet to me!! I miss you!! Ruben liked so much your chocolate truffle, he asked me when you come back xD

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