I Can Has Prezints?

Yez I Can!

Yesterday I went out for dinner with friends to FrescCo, a free buffet place with LOADS of vegetarian, and even vegan, options. They gave me a little pressie, so I remember them when I’m in cold Belgium snuggling on the couch:

Stuffed Doggie

And I sent each of them home with four cupcakes of the ones I made the previous day (pics to come).

And my mother bought me new running shoes. Purrty walk on clouds running shoes! In case you’re interested, they’re Brooks Beast.

Running Shoes
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4 Responses to I Can Has Prezints?

  1. Jan says:

    *bows to the owner of the beast*


  2. Lauren says:

    I hope you put many great miles on those new shoes! Happy happy birthday to a cool gal and fab knitter and cook, etc!

  3. Yay prezzies! New shoes so one can run far far away?

  4. string says:

    I think the national guard might wanna keep their helicopter, but it was very cool

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