Book Junkie

I love reading, love it. I used to read one book per week, now with university and work, I’m down to about a book every two weeks, more or less. So, I was running out of reading material, and after I asked Jan for a few books to read, I decided to order some other books. What did I buy?

  • The Secrets of Jin Shei, by Alma Alexander.
  • In the Company of the Courtesan, by Sarah Dunant
  • Empress Orchid, by Anchee Min
  • Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World, by Isa Chandra & Terry Hope
  • Cocina Oriental (Asian Cooking), from IKEA cooking book series
  • Cocina Vegetariana (Vegetarian Cooking), from IKEA cooking book series
  • Cocina Festiva (Party Cooking), from IKEA cooking book series
Pile Of Books
(click the pic for a bigger view)

On top of that pile of books, my first Moleskine notebook. I fell in love with these expensive notebooks a while back, and finally I caved in and bought me a large blank one. It’s being used for random writing and doodling, for collage, for memories, that sort of thing. Where did I buy it? Altaïr bookstore stocks all the notebooks in Madrid! I’m pondering getting a City Notebook for Madrid as well, so I can note down all our finds.

On a side note, I have a five day weekend! The first of may is Workers’ Day, the second is City Holiday, and I’m taking the 30th of April off school (classes have been changed, anyway – so I’m not missing anything). Plans for this loooong weekend include: knitting, sewing (I have some pretty Ikea fabric to make a yoga mat bag and a weekender bag), studying (gotta boost up the study time, exams are coming up, dammit!), taking care of sweet bunny and pet sparrow, cooking, reading, sleeping, working on freelance project, and doing pilates (Yay I’m being a good girl and doing pilates and it shows!)

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5 Responses to Book Junkie

  1. unrelated to blogpost…thanks sade, as always. hugs and knitting advice.

  2. Lía says:

    Oh! Altaïr! I’ven been in that bookstore some years ago and I loved it!
    Have fun these days ;)

  3. Zanne says:

    Yay Sade! I need to start doing my pilates/yoga stuff again. I’d feel better. Now to figure out how to get it done with little ones underfoot all day long. :)

  4. Ceallach says:


    So I was out and about in blogland and stumbled across you…..

    Hello…long time no comment!

    (I wish I had time to read these days, but the cost to pleasure is too low due to my rate of consumption. Knitting is way more cost effective for the time that it consumes. It also has the advantage of keeping me off both streetcorners and drugs…)

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