Update On The Kilt Hose

I’ve been knitting one round here and one there – ok, sometimes a few at a time, and I’m already at the middle of the foot, more or less. About 3 cm before starting the heel! Piccie:

Kilt hose!

Does it look good? I’m still thinking if I’ll knit the heel flap in plain stockinette or using the suggested “Eye of the Partridge” stitch… Any suggestion?


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3 Responses to Update On The Kilt Hose

  1. Jan says:

    It looks very adorable :D
    I’m one hell of a lucky guy :)


  2. Lía says:

    Está quedando precioso…los hay afortunados :P
    Con respecto al talón no podría decirte…todavía no me he estrenado con los calcetines.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Looking great so far. I’m planning to start a pair of kilt hose for my husband. Any suggestions as to which yarn weight and needle size would work for a man with size 13 feet? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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