The bad thing about technology…

… such as smartphones, is that it becomes obsolete. And after a while, it starts to fail. And that’s what’s happening with my trusty Nexus 4. I’ve had it for more than 2,5 years and lately it keeps dropping cellphone and gps reception. Which is annoying when you use it to navigate and are in the middle of nowhere.

Anyway, since I don’t like paying premium for my phones, and I don’t require tomorrow’s technology – but I do want something better than I had, I decided to get a OnePlus X. And this is the story of that purchase (the phone hasn’t arrived yet).

So, I selected my phone & accessories on the site, and clicked on purchase. This requires you to make an account. Ok, create an account: username, email & password, please check this box to let us know you’re not a bot. I got my account confirmation email, clicked on the link, account confirmed. So then I go to sign in, and hey, why do I bother with an username, when I have to use my email to log in! First failure on their part.

Ok, logged in. Go to my cart: your cart is empty! Apparently, they ate all the cookies and didn’t want to save my cart. Fine. Go shopping again. Wait, why is now everything in $ instead of €? Go back to check my account settings – I had already filled in name & country, but apparently these settings do not get transferred to the shopping settings, which you have to fill in, again, manual. It feels like it’s 1999! Fine, fill in it all again, and finally be able to shop for the phone. At least they take paypal, so I did’t have to go get my credit card and auth dongle to pay :D

Lastly, realize phone takes nano-sim, current phone takes micro-sim card. So I had to order a replacement from MobileVikings (affiliate link, please change provided, gimme credit!) – which used to be free, but now it costs 5€. Oh well. Now to see if the stars align and everything arrives on time.

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