Copenhagen (with a side trip to Malmö) – Part 4 of 7

6th July – The palaces’ day

Our first stop was Rosenborg Slot, a renaissance castle built in the 17th Century by Christian IV (another palace with photography fee, so no pictures of the inside). Here we visited the main building with its two floors of royal chambers (decorated in the style of different kings / queens in the history of Denmark) and the Knights’ Hall on the second (third for the Americans reading) floor, where you can see the old thrones made in silver and ivory, protected by three silver lions, and the coronation chairs used in the past. In the basement we visited part of the armory (old / stately weapons, mostly), a room full of ivory & amber pieces, and the treasury, where royal jewels and crowns are exhibited. Lots of bling bling!

Rosenborg palace

Once outside the castle we could see the army practicing the Change of Guard. It looked funny because they were wearing their army green fatigues and the fluffy gala hats together. We didn’t feel like exploring the gardens since it had been raining and the paths were a tad muddy. So we’ll have to come back some time to visit the places we skip in this trip.

Change of guard practice

On our walk towards the center, we stopped at Croissant’en, a bakery that sells your usual pastries (looked delicious, but didn’t try them), quiche, and salads & sandwiches made to order. You can chose the type of bread and the filling that you want, although they also have standard ones. Quite tasty and filling sandwich. We then headed to a Baresso nearby to sit down with a cup of filter coffee (me) and a double espresso that can wake up the dead (him) and abuse make use of their free WiFi to plan our next move. Baresso is the local equivalent of Starbucks, but they have way better coffee, the flavoured coffees are special orders, and you can also have some free water with your drink. Very recommended stop in CPH.

Cristiansborg palace

After the coffee we decided to continue with the palace theme and head to Christiansborg Slot, smack in the center of the city. Here we visited the Royal Reception Rooms, where galas and audiences take place. Since the rooms are in use, you have to wear shoe covers so that you don’t drag dirt from outside on the carpets and polished floors. Quite funny. We then went to the Royal Riding Grounds, to visit the stables (the horses were on summer vacation though) and a collection of carriages. Afterwards we went to visit the Ruins under the Christiansborg castle: those of Bishop Absalon’s Castle (12th Century) and Copenhagen Castle (14th Century).

Fod descending upon the city hall

We made a second stop at (a different) Baresso to use their WiFi so I could check some shopping addresses and then went off to find Sommerfuglen so I could buy my yarny souvenir: a small skein of Duo Alpaca from Design Club and a set of KnitPro Symphony needles. We decided to treat ourselves to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe (in one of the corners of the Tivoli Gardens). Since it was too early (for us) to have dinner, we headed for the bar first to have a (non-alcoholic) cocktail. We were in luck (or not, depending on your point of view) and it was Happy Hour when we arrived (every weekday 5-7pm in case you’re interested) so we got two for the price of one! Or more like four for the price of the two we had ordered. Around 6:30 pm we went to ask for a table, for which we were told we had to wait still 45 mins, so we got a beeper. Happy that we asked for the table before the real rush hour started, because we got our table early (only 30 mins wait). For dinner we both had the Veggie Leggie burger (veggie pattie, portobello mushroom & grilled bell pepper) and skipped their desserts since a) we both were full, and b) even the “bites” looked huge!.

After dinner we enjoy a drink and some chatting with friends before heading to the hotel to sleep.

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