Forty days without meat: 41 to 44 – look, more crocheting happened!


Today was Knit Flanders again, so I went there, had a great time, relaxed, talked, laughed, and even got around to crocheting two hexagons. I might even attempt to make a whole bunch of them and join them into a blanket some time!

The boring menu stuff:


  • Orange juice
  • Musli with milk


  • Usual sammiches


  • Spicy lentils with tomato (from the freezer) (41)
  • Mushroom & carrot “meal soup” (42 & 43)
  • Mac `n cheese with mushrooms, veggie schnitzel (44)


  • Cookies
  • Drink yogurt
  • Apple pie with vanilla ice cream (as a treat)
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