Happy MMXI

Urte berri on1. Bon any nou2. Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar3. Happy New Year4. Elican novan jaron5. Onnellista uutta vuotta6. Bonne année7. Feliz aninovo8. Prost Neujahr9. Kali xronia10. Godt nyttår11. Feliz ano novo12. Bliadhna mhath ur13. Feliz año nuevo14. Blwyddyn newydd dda15.

Happy New Year 2011 - Year of the Rabbit

Some facts about the upcoming year:

  • The United Nations has designated 2011 the International Year of Forests and International Year of Chemistry.
  • NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft is scheduled to arrive in orbit around Mercury. NASA’s Pluto probe New Horizons will cross the orbit of Uranus, after a five-year journey.
  • Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Mars all visible within a roughly 6° area of sky.
  • There will be several partial sun eclipses (June 1, Arctic; July 1, Antarctica; November 25, Antarctica) and total lunar eclipses (June 15, Africa, India, Middle East; December 10, Asia, Australia, Alaska).
  • European capitals of culture are Tallinn (Estonia) & Turku (Finland).16

  1. Basque
  2. Catalan
  3. Dutch
  4. English
  5. Properly spelled, there is a ^ above the c, Esperanto
  6. Finnish
  7. French
  8. Galician
  9. German
  10. Greek
  11. Norwegian
  12. Portuguese
  13. Scottish gaelic
  14. Spanish
  15. Welsh. Translations taken from here
  16. Random stuff taken from Wiki
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  1. Happy New Year! I love the image you’re showing here. It’s funny.

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