Tools Of The Trade

I have set myself to learn a new hobby, a useful one. Pattern drafting! Yes, you’ve read right, I’m going to learn to draft my own patterns, perfectly fitted to my body (ok, and maybe someone’s else).

I got all my tools: pencils, measuring tape, big sheets op paper (or actually, a roll of white paper), a French curve, and book teaching me how to draft.

tools of the trade

Now, to start with the A-line skirt and move on to more difficult patterns. Because I have a dress idea perfect for autumn/winter.

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2 Responses to Tools Of The Trade

  1. Sei says:

    I applaud your industry. But you did not say why you want to re-invent the wheel. In the time you will spend learning how to draft patterns, you could have sewn an entire wardrobe. I sorta understand. My over 50 sister in law is learning how to play violin.

  2. Sade says:

    It’s not reinventing the wheel. Is creating personal patterns that fit me perfectly, and then being able to sew my own ideas without needing to buy a pattern and then modify it to fit me and to adapt to the design I want.

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