I’m Sick… Again

For the what? 6th time in the last month and a half.. I’m getting really tired of this cold that won’t leave me. So I decided to stay home and hopefully get rid of it. Also I get bored ’cause I can’t do much but curling on the couch and watch tv, because I can’t focus or do anything that requires bending my head much (runny nose, anyone?).

It’s already November, and that means that I missed my fourth blogging anniversary for nearly a month (check the first post on this blog, from October 8th 2005!). It also means that my birthday is close. One year more on the shoulders. Best friend is helping me plan a party.

November is also National Novel Writing Month and National Knit a Sweater Month, and if you choose so, you can also do National Blog Posting Month (altho this is every month). Guess what? I’m not doing any of them. I’m not setting myself up to failure.

I tried NaNoWriMo last two years, and I didn’t get past the first 5,000 words (out of 50,000). I tried Ravelympics 2008 with a pair of socks, and I didn’t get past the foot of the first. Do you see a theme here? I don’t do well with “Do ____ in ____ time”

End of random scattering of thoughts from a snotty brain high on cold medicine.

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  1. CJ says:

    I don’t do well with time limits either. They take all the fun out of the knitting and the blogging. I think I will forget about the daily posting and just hope that I keep my goal of posting more than once or twice a year, haha. I hope you get well soon!

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