Makeup? Really?

Yorkie recommended me some mineral makup when I was in the look for new makeup. Mine was old, and felt like a mask. Not really nice to wear. Anyway, she recommended me Everyday Minerals.

I checked them out, and found out they send you five samples for postage. So I tried them, because trying three foundations, a concealer and a blush for €3,20 ($4.95 for an international order) is damn cheap! I found my color, and didn’t feel the makeup while wearing it, which is a big plus. It also lasted all day long during a very warm day. I was sold.

I ordered a Personal Custom Kit (Full Sizes) and a Sample (so I could get a free blush because they had an offer). This was the 13th, I was afraid it wouldn’t arrive on time (that is, before friday), because I need-want it for a couple of weddings, and I’m leaving on a jet next monday and not coming back for about two months!

Towers of makup
Full SizesSample Sizes and Eyeshadow
If you want to see the full size pics, click on them and you’ll end in the gallery.
If you hoover over the pic there, you’ll see what each jar is.

Uh, yes, now my makeup bag is too small for these jars, dammit! I guess I’ll have to find something else *sigh* Wonder if I can find something tube-like where the jars fit and don’t get too shaked. A Pringles tube, maybe? But that won’t solve it for the samples and the eyeshadow.. mmmm *thinking hat on* I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Liberty says:

    I LOVE Everyday Minerals! Great stuff and the ‘sample’ package lasted me almost a year. Wonderful stuff!

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