Goodbye Hair

Scared you there, eh?

I did not cut all my hair, just gave it a trim cause it was starting to get annoying (waist lenght!), and the ends looked dry and brittle. Right now it’s below my elbows, long hair, just not as long. Proof:

Long hair, pre cutLong hair, post cut
Pre-cut, it was waist lengthPost-cut, it’s elbow lenght, better

Much much better now!

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3 Responses to Goodbye Hair

  1. mum2 says:

    a lot better :-)

  2. Lía says:

    Algún día tendré el pelo muy largo…es algo que no dejo de repetirme desde la infancia y nunca he tenido paciencia suficiente, aunque ésta es la definitiva! ;)

  3. Sis in law says:

    Yes indeed, scared me…
    I went: huh? what?
    But it is indeed better now *g*

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