One Down.

My brain feels like it wants to explode and then run out of my ears. Love the visual, eh?

The exam lasted about an hour more than I thought, because the teachers realized that it was harder than they initially thought, and added more time to try and let us imagine we can solve it. When they start adding time to an exam, bad juju.

Oh yes, also publications (aka, those paid to make copies) apparently can’t read and made 50 copies less of the exam than they asked. I don’t believe that. I mean, really, not seeing a 50 in there? I’m more in the “we never thought all 450 of the students would come and sit the exam so we asked for kess copies”.

The content of the exam was… rather not talk about it. I just want to forget about it, and start on the next one. Tired of it all. Burnt out. Meh.

Insert long string of very explicit very loud cursing here.

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  1. Lía says:

    Ánimo guapa! por lo menos ya te has quitado uno de encima ;)

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