Long Due Post: Carnival

So I said I’d talk about Carnival here, and that was three weeks ago! Carnival is an important holiday / party day here, or so I’d think, seeing as kids get the whole week of school, most of the stores in the city centre close, and basically everything stops until it’s done and over with Carnival.

The thing that called my attention most was the boxed street furniture. Not joking! See yourself:

Boxed Street Furniture

Boxed Street Furniture Boxed Street Furniture Boxed Street Furniture

These pics show a roundabout with all the sculptures in boxes, some trees in boxes, and even a parkingmeter in a box. It’s handy, for a week you don’t have to pay for parking, starting about two or three days before carnival, and until two or three days afterwards.

I couldn’t take a pic of it, but the shops in the center actually barricade themselves. Yes, barricade. The whole façade protected by plywood, so that the drunkards-partiers can’t break in and steal. Nice, isn’t it?

The Carnival itself is four days of partying, street parades, music, street food, etc. I haven’t ventured in it after the description Jan gave. I can tell, however, there is still alot of confetti to clean off the sidewalks. It’s been two weeks, and they’re not clean yet!

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  1. Lía says:

    Caramba! con lo modositos que parecen los belgas…De todas formas el carnaval es una fiesta que nunca me ha gustado, nunca le he encontrado la gracia al asunto.

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