Åsa, from Huso y Rueca, has given me with this award. The rules, like always (The original rules are written in Portuguese, so I asked a friend of mine to translate them, because even tho I understood the meaning, I couldn’t translate them completely. Thanks Rafaelzinho!):

  1. This award must be given to blogs you consider as good. Understanding as such, the blogs you visit regularly, and on which you leave comments.
  2. If and only if, you receive a “It’s not a bad blog”, you should write a post:
    • Naming the person who awarded you, with a link to the respective blog;
    • The badge for the nomination;
    • The rules;
    • And the nomination for other 7 blogs for receiving the award.
  3. You must display visibly and proudly the badge for the award received, in your blog, preferably with a link to the post where you talk about it.
  4. Optional. If you wish to grant some publicity to the creature with too much free time to spend in silly things, Skynet, you can do it on the post itself. He’ll appreciate it. (He really does have too much free time (-; )

So after the rules, here it goes.

The Badge:

Not a bad blog

Right now I’m too lazy to put this on the sidebar, so it’ll stay on this post, and that’s it.

Who has given me the award: Åsa, on her post Premiada.

Who do I nominate. This is a hard one, I have dozens of blogs on my RSS reader, and I check it every day, and read them. I’m not that good at leaving comments, tho. Anyway, blogs of friends that deserve an award, in no order, are:

  1. Yorkie, because she is Yorkastic, always.
  2. Zanne, because four kids and a trucker husband deserve one.
  3. Fiona, lovely Fee of ours, she’s fun, don’t need to say anything else.
  4. CJ, in an attempt to make her write more on her blog.
  5. Lía, down there in the south, and she knits, my hero!
  6. CBear, because I want to.
  7. Adam, because he’s living abroad, and he knits, and learnt German. Really!

Pss, the names are links to their blogs, go and visit them!

I could give this award to more people, but it says seven. I had to chose!

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2 Responses to Awarded

  1. Lía says:

    Thanks so much ;)

  2. spin says:

    Hi there sady!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! and congrats on the award!
    hope you are well!
    sending hugs!


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