Recipe Box?

I’ve seen people out there showing out their recipe boxes on their blogs (sorry, can’t remember which, I’ve already seen it in a couple, at least), as Mason Dixon have a show and tell contest, where they asked to see your recipe box, and to share one of your favourite recipes in it. I really don’t have a recipe box, because it’d be hard to fit all the recipes I’ve “clipped” and wrote and modified into a single recipe box. However, I do have a nice method of collecting my recipes:

Recipe Folders

This picture shows the “hard copy” of all the recipes. The five red folders (3 in / 7.5 cm wide) on the right are my cook book / recipe box. Each recipe has exactly the same format, there is a nice index to browse alphabetically, and even better, they are all in a database that makes searching recipes easy. Also, I can access this database wherever I have internet access, which makes having my “cook book” at hand even easier.

Of course, this does not include my growing collection of cookbooks. Because those are not in the recipe binders!

Now, sharing a favourite recipe, that might be hard. I have too many favourite recipes. I will however give you one recipe I tried yesterday and that came out delicious. Sautéed Apple Pie with Short Pastry crust. Serve with Panna Cotta for an extra kick! (I went with the vanilla pod version, so very worth every cent of that pod!) By the way, if you click on that nice “Get this recipe as PDF” link at the bottom of each recipe, you’ll see the format all my recipes have in that bunch of folders.

On a very unrelated note to this post:

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3 Responses to Recipe Box?

  1. Margaret says:

    Now that’s my kind of recipe box. I bow to your organizational skills.

  2. Ava says:

    OMG! How do you maintain this? I am so envious. Love the red color you’ve chosen – what kind of notebooks are they?

  3. Ava says:

    Oh, and the sauteed apple pie looks wonderful!

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