Can I Skip Today?

  • I woke up at 3 am, after 4 hours sleep. Thanks family, I love you too. Sleeping this little gives me migraines. I’ve been having this kind of migraine for the past two weeks. Not happy.
  • The metro took twice as much to take me from point A to point B this morning, meaning I arrived with one minute to spare before classes started. How come I had one minute to spare? I always leave way too early because you never know when the metro service will break down. The same metro service that advertises itself saying that you can save 20 minutes in the morning if you take the metro instead of the car. That only happens one in five mornings, if you’re lucky.
  • Uni’s Wifi kicked me out more than usual, and in the end, it kicked me for good.
  • Lunch consisted of two sad uber thin slices of bread, one leaf iceberd lettuce that had seen better days, three or four slices of tasteless tomato, three slices of hard boiled egg, one canned asparragus, and spoonful mayo. They call that a “vegetarian sandwich”. At least, it was cheap (1.40€) and made to order.
  • Tried to use the wifi again after lunch: seems the building that is marked as WiFi area is not such. Zero signal
  • My phones’ batteries died. The other university buildings have plugs to spare. This one (the no WiFi one) has none. Thus I was left: phone-less, clock-less, and unable to send a message to tell Jan the building had no WiFi.
  • Exam revision: The problem I thought I had more or less decent solved? I got a zero. I got a zero on two problems, actually… I got a frigging 8 over 60 !

Now, really, can the day PLEASE finish? I’m exhausted, and it’s only 3pm.

Update: 6.30 pm, I found out they changed my Fluid Mechanics I mark, from a 4.7/10 to a 5/10, which means I passed the course(!). Do I have to start cursing my bad days to get some small good thing back? Inquiring minds want to know ( :p )

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