Sometimes I’m A Slacker

And when I finish a project I completely fail to take a picture of it, and put it here. And then I forget all the details of the project. Like with this one. You see, I finished Branching Out about a year ago. And I’ve been wearing it for a long time. But never took a pic of it, and I forgot which needles I used. Go me!

Branching Out

Branching Out

  • Pattern: Branching Out from Knitty, by Susan Lawrence.
  • Yarn: Katia Caricia, 100% superwash merino, 175m per 50gr ball, the biggest part of one ball in green (colour #14). The leftover of this yarn you have seen in the Icecream Phone Cozy.
  • Gauge: does it actually matter? I didn’t check, of course!
  • Needles: I think it was 3.5mm straights. But it could have been 5 mm straights as the pattern called for. Or maybe it was 4.5mm? I really don’t remember :(
  • Measures: 12 cm wide (a bit less than 5 inches) and 140 cm long (56 inches), lightly blocked.

And it’s warm!

PS: Fuzzy close-up pic with a nearly accurate colour. And less fuzzy close-up pic.

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4 Responses to Sometimes I’m A Slacker

  1. MJ says:

    Look at that hot Branching Out!

    I can’t believe this only took one skein!

  2. Jan says:

    In real life, it’s green. Not yellow. Bad towel!

  3. Lía says:

    Wow, look at that scarf!! it came out beatifully ;)

  4. Sarah says:

    Love the Branching Out!

    Happy, Happy new Year!

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