Out of town!

So for the people that reads this *wave!* and might wonder where I went: I’ll be out of town and not posting as often during summer, and not posting at all in the next two weeks, most likely. So no worries, you’ll see me back, but I’ll take this long vacation and relax. On the to-do list:

  • Sleeping long and relaxing.
  • Visiting Monforte de Lemos (Galicia) and Scotland, amongst others.
  • Knitting, sewing & spinning (Long life fiber crafts!)
  • Reading, watching movies, listening to music
  • Cooking & baking, and inventing some new recipes.
  • Studying – because, yes, you guessed it, I have to retake exams in September (joy!)
  • And above all, spending a lot of time with Jan :D

And probably a lot more that I forget now. But you know what I mean, right? Have a good one, if you’re going too!

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3 Responses to Out of town!

  1. Jan says:

    Have fun! That’s an order! :p

  2. Sarah says:

    Have fun!

    We’ll miss ya in chat!

  3. spin says:

    hope you have fun!

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