Oh My! A Finished Object!

And no, it’s not the kilt hose yet. I am going to start the second sock, so Jan can try on the partly done I have already and tell me if it’s too fitted, too tall, or what. Meanwhile, I needed a break from them, and some instant regard, so I whipped up a phone cozy for my poor neglected Nokia geek phone. I used leftover sock yarn: the green was leftover from (the still unblocked) Branching Out I knit some months ago, and the white was used my mum to make herself socks.

Icecream* Phone Cozy

Phone cozy - full view

  • Pattern: My own.
  • Yarn: Katia Caricia, 100% superwash merino, 175m per 50gr ball. Leftovers in green (colour #14) and off-white (#3)
  • Gauge: 32 stitches to 10 cm.
  • Needles: 2.5 mm aluminium dpn’s by Pony
  • Finished measures: to fit my Nokia (only measured perimeter, and tried the cozy on as I knitted to see how tall it should be).

I actually wanted to make it all in green, but I ran out of it, so I just digged the off-white and kept knitting, not a drama. Mum helped me with the crochet border (I still haven’t learnt and didn’t want to screw this up) and all was done in a weekend. My phone won’t be cold any more.

I used one of the beads Bec sent me along with the tangled yarn and other pretty things. I loved this butterfly bead as soon as I saw it, so I had to use it. Close up:

Pretty bead

Innit it pretty?

Kilt hose and normal schedule of this blog will be resumed some time soon!

* This phone cozy reminds me of a pistachio-cream icecream, thus the “Icecream Phone Cozy” name.

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3 Responses to Oh My! A Finished Object!

  1. Jan says:

    Damn! That’s sooooooooooo cute! :D :D

  2. Lía says:

    Me encantan los colores son muy veraniegos ;)

  3. so cute! I’m glad to see what that phone cozy was all about, finally. I love the colors – very ice creamy indeed. Mmmm pistachio…

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