Nice Bec from the Knittyboard bought some pretty yarn, but when she tried to wind it into balls, she found a very big mess of tangled yarn, and, desperate, gave up on it. She wanted to get rid of it, since she didn’t think she’d be able to tame the beast, and I appeared and offered a good home for it. Last week, it arrived home, in this state:

a big mess of yarn

With my mother’s help, we untangled this beast in three (!) evenings, working on and off, together or alone… The yarn now looks like this:

a big melon of yarn

This will most like become an Ella of sorts, as was Bec’s wish. She also sent me two(!) skeins of KnitPicks Gossamer in Rose Garden, so pretty (pics will be coming), and some bunches of beads. She was so generous… I’ll have to look for something now!

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  1. Lía says:

    How lucky and patient girl! I like Ella very much…I just need more time!

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