Flash Your Stash! Or What Fabric I Bought.

I went to buy fabric for certain sewing project I need for August. This will become re-enactment clothing for Jan and me, after some dyeing, cutting, sewing, embroidering and some more things. There is enough for a dress, a skirt, a tunic, a pair of trousers, and some handkerchiefs!

One little pile of linen fabric

another shot of such linen fabric

That pile of fabric has 7.5 m of light tan linen, 4.5 m of white and 3 m of chocolate brown 100% linen fabric, all 1.40 m wide. At only 4 euros per meter! And of the white, I only paid 4 of the 4.5 meters cause it was the end of the bolt!

*Happy Sade*

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  1. Nairta says:

    Madre mia! Si te has llevado media tienda! Eso sí son buenas compras :D

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